“Now that’s a lot of Balloons” – Our Process for building the Dallas Market Center Runway Install

Hello BT Gang and welcome to our first ever blog! We are so excited about this new part of our website and can’t wait to share with you some tips, tricks, balloon design and behind the scenes goodness at Balloon Therapy! We will be posting every week and couldn’t think of a better install to kick our blog off with than the monster of an install we did at DMC last week.

When we first got the email in our inbox labeled “Dallas Market Center August Large Installation,” it was business as usual.  The Dallas Market Center is full of awesome and creative vendors and it’s literally right down the street, so we have lots of friends and clients there. It’s always a fun time to do an install there because the building is basically a museum, so we put the inquiry in the queue to be replied to and continued on throughout the day. 

“It will span across our campus in two buildings and 3 different floors. We would love to get a quote from you all on the hanging “cloud” pieces, the vignette accents, and our fashion show wall.”

It wasn’t until a bit later, when we opened the email, that we realized that this is the type of install we have been dreaming of.  We tried to not freak out, but if we said we didn’t do some enthusiastic dance moves… we would be lying.

As artists working primarily within a commercial space, we often have to create within the parameters set by the client. Although we enjoy this challenge, and it has produced some of our best work, the opportunity to work on such a “creative” project was something that our studio team had been craving to execute.

This was our opportunity to challenge ourselves and achieve something great!

After speaking with the design team over at DMC, we decided on three different installs: The Bridal Showcase Cloud, The Vignette Accents, and the biggest and technically challenging install we have ever done, The Runway. 

Balloon prep started bright and early Monday morning as we blew up and strung thousands of balloons for the DMC installs. We also happened to have a previously scheduled install at the Omni Frisco for McAfee. The golds and pinks are for DMC’s Bridal Cloud and the reds and black are for McAfee. Don’t they blend together in such a beautiful and weird way? This picture was taken around 10 a.m. Monday morning after only a few hours of fabrication!


Below are the design boards that we used to create the piece! As you can see from the boards, we had some client changes, but overall we think that the vision was executed! The hanging cloud cluster was also our largest “cloud” yet and still looked small in the massive space.

“Dallas Market Center Bridal Show”

On Tuesday of install week, we delivered and installed the Bridal Cloud order. Suprisingly it only took a day of prep and an afternoon to install.  The big long garland was around 120ft long which is so crazy because it looks so small in all of the photos. It  really started to look awesome when all the designers started to moved in!


Dallas Market Center Balloon Therapy

Dallas Market Center Balloon Therapy Briday Show

Our next install to tackle was The Runway Balloon Wall, which was so exhausting, we’re getting tired now just thinking about it. Jessi (follow her instagram)  our lead designer, literally had to wrap her fingers with electrical tape to push through this fabrication process. We starting installing Wednesday but there ended up being some issues with the runway so we built the pieces on the floor and created patches that we would eventually pull up on the scissor lift and weave together.  You can see some of that process in the pictures below!

“Dallas Market Center Runway Show”

Friday afternoon they started building the runaway around the install, which was really awesome to watch. It really was the final step in taking this balloon wall with graffitti to an elevated art peice. Working with the DMC team was a dream and barely any balloons were popped which was seriously impressive.  



After completing the wall we did the third installation, the Vignette Accents, which were a super fun pink and blue color palette and literally the easiest install ever. Took us about an hour from start to finish.  


And that was it! Saturday afternoon everything was complete and we showed up Sunday night to see the piece come to life! Below are some photos of the show. It was an absolutely incredible experience and we really appreciate all the teams we worked with at DMC to make this show a reality. It was definitely an experience we will never forget. Click through this gallery to see all the images of the show & thanks for stopping by!